The Story

J. Gough & The Whiskey Rebellion


In 1794, General Yins of the invading Federal Army appropriated J. Gough's Tavern to be used as the quarters for himself and his senior officers.

Up to then, J. Gough's Tavern was a well respected establishment, considered the finest purveyor of spirits and vittles west of the Alleghenies.

Soon the conflict was settled and the Army returned east leaving Mr. Gough with unpaid tabs and an unfair reputation as an enemy sympathizer.

He would never recapture his business nor his reputation.

Two years later he died penniless. He was buried in a potters field in Greenfield.

In 2016, descendants of Mr. J. Gough opened an establishment near the original tavern with a mission to restore his honor and serve the finest spirits and food west of the Alleghenies.