Flat Breads

Margherita 9.5
Basil & Mushroom 10
Buffalo Chicken 10.5
Sausage & Cheese 11.5
Barbeque Chicken 10.5
Meat Lovers 10.5

Ham, sausage, and pepperoni

Mess Plates & Sandwiches

Mac & Cheese 6

Optionally, add Barbecue Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Tuna Fish, Pulled Pork or Meatball for $4

Pulled Pork Sandwich 8.5
Meatball Hoagie 10.5
Italian Hoagie Sandwich 10.5
Cuban/American Sandwich 11.5
Grilled Cheese 8

traditional or pepperjack and basil

Ham & Swiss Panini 9
Cousin Eddy's Cheese Hoagie 8

Blast from the past! Cheese Hoagie topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Made famous by cousin Eddy at the Cream King.

Tuna Melt Panini 9.5
Famous Smoked Wings

3 for 8
6 for 14.5

More Good Stuff

Whiskey ice cream
Bread Pudding 6
Not Your Father's Root Beer Float
Cheesecake 5

Plain , add bourbon caramel sauce, or raspberry sauce

Salads Etc.

Cole Slaw
Red Potato Salad
Edamame, salty or spicy 5.25
Hummus & Pita Chips 6
Chef's Salad 10
House Salad 6
Chicken Quesadilla 6

Chicken, peppers, and cheese on a 10" shell and served with sour cream and salsa

Soup, Chili and Chowder

Daily Specials

cup 3.75
bowl 5.50